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Carefully selected – Sembo stands for quality

At Sembo, we have our own holiday testers who travel the world to find the best holiday accommodation for all budgets. They sleep in the beds, they eat the food, they try the pools and they test how soundproof the rooms are. They only recommend the hotels, apartments and houses that they really like.


Accommodation marked with the Carefully selected symbol has been visited by our holiday testers and classified on the basis of the service, standards, facilities and surroundings. To make sure you enjoy the best possible quality at your accommodation, we also carry out ongoing customer surveys – all to give you peace of mind.


Other accommodation in our range is selected by external partners.


In addition to Carefully selected, we also use classification in the form of little Sembo houses/suns. This classification relates to the country’s standard and varies from country to country. Our classification is based on an overall evaluation of the accommodation, the surroundings and the service on site.


Five suns: Very high standard.

Four suns: High standard.

Three suns:  Mid-range.

Two suns: Basic mid-range. Standard is slightly lower than average for destination.


What do customers think about Sembo?

It’s always good to know what other customers think about a company and its products. Once their trip is over, our customers evaluate the destination, the accommodation and the service with us. The results of these surveys can be found under each individual holiday accommodation.


We also conduct annual customer surveys to hear how we can deliver even better products to our customers.